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          About us

          Measuring instrument (Shanghai) co., LTD. Is the only strategic partner of sc-sensor in the global scope, and is the only production base in Asia. Sc-sensor is one of Europe's earliest sensor manufacturers, with the world's most advanced production technology, equipment and technology.

          Sen meters (Shanghai) co., LTD. Is located in the Yangtze...

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          Liquid level
          Sanitary pressure/level
          Differential pressure
          Display controller
          Services & support
          Industry applications
          Pre-sales: the sc-sensor team will provide you with a professional selection and customized solution only if the customer provides the full operating information.
          Sales: SC-sensor will provide you with a timely and accurate product manufacturing process.
          After sale:
          Warranty period
          Since the product warranty period from the date of delivery (warranty period as agreed in the contract on time), as a result of product quality caused by abnormal cannot work normally, in appearance without damage, the company responsible for replacement or free maintenance...
          • Hydraulic and pneumatic control, engineering machinery

          • Building control, constant pressure water supply, liquid level measurement

          • Marine equipment, multi-purpose vehicle

          • Hvac, ventilation equipment, textile

          • Environmental protection industry/smoke detection (CEMS)

          • Air conditioning, refrigeration industry

          • Petroleum/chemical industry

          • Tunnel shield machine, brick machine, oil exploration

          • Pharmaceutical equipment /CIP/SIP cleaning sterilization equipment, automatic dispensing system

          • Food, dairy, juice equipment

          • Vacuum industry

          • Drying equipment

          • Scientific research and experimental equipment drying equipment

          • Power industry/thermoelectric set

          • Natural gas industry

          • Water treatment industry/clean water, pure water, sewage treatment

          • Fluid equipment

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